This blog is about a vision I have had for many years – the possibility of our Global family working together to bring better health and abundance to the world. It is obviously a big project!  I recently came across a new possibility that I believe has great potential as it relates to something we all need and use every day - potable drinking water. What if....


The name “Charities in Tandem” came during my Silicon Valley Nerd days when I had dealings with a company called Tandem Computers. They used to hook computers together to share computing power much like the famous Cray super computer does with CPUs. I had a vision of tens of thousands of Charities doing this too – worldwide - and worked several projects with many charities. However, the company and product I was working with was restricted to just 3 countries and there was only one product - long distance.We still did pretty well though.

It was back in the 90s and we did fund raisers for organizations like The Boy Scouts of America, Girls & Boys Club, Churches, Save the Rain Forest, Special Olympics, and many more. Well, I recently found a letter of reference from Special Olympics and it got me all fired up again - why not do it again! Same concept as the one I show in my case study but with a different product line...and drum role please...worldwide.

Back in the nineties Network Marketing had a bad connotation - you could clear a room just by mentioning it. However, the company I was with had some pretty famous people in it including Senators and sports celebrities and there was even a NY Times best selling book about us.  Eventually  people warmed up to the concept and non-profits appreciated the extra funding. The network marketing tiered compensation structure is an  ingenious way (my friend, Tim Sales, did an excellent movie on it called Brilliant Compensation) to distribute millions of dollars in profits to hundreds of thousands of people. Of course now there are world famous Billionaires like Donald Trump recommending network marketing so it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up. This is truly a for-the-people-by-the-people industry and the fund raising possibilities are truly remarkable.

Why Water

On my other pure water blog I have some powerful videos that give an overview on the current state of the world water supply - it is not pretty! Entire countries are being forced to import their water due to decades of polluting their water supplies and there are also millions of people who pay more for water than soft drinks. These people need our help, everyone should have pure drinking water. 

Fund Raising With Revenues from Water

So now that you know the potable water industry has become the latest “oil boom” of our era and how the big guys are investing trillions of dollars in water, your next question is probably how do we tap into that and leverage that revenues stream to help those who need pure water?  Well, in a few short weeks of working on “The Water Project” I have seen some BIG possibilities open up. Really big…

At a meeting in August one of my team members and dear friend, Dr. Alan Organ, MD/PHD,  met with a philanthropic Financier to discuss the water project. The meeting was more than inspiring! The Financier  talked about buying 2 million bottles and and then giving those bottles away!  Wow! Man after my own heart…he also understands the concept we are showcasing here where a non-profit trust will benefit from his purchase and money from the trust can be directed to Charities of his choosing.This is a nine figure transaction we are talking about here - and 8 figure residuals on a bi-monthly basis. Those kind of numbers will help a lot of Charities!

Then on Skype calls with people from other countries I spoke with some people that are talking to the military suppliers  in their countries and they are also interested in using this Puritii Water filtration bottle for their soldiers in the field.  Then this week I had a lawyer from the Government of another country travel a long way to meet with me in person, and of course, their Army is looking at using this bottle for their army too. Needless to say the dollar value on these orders is more than large.

I know these numbers are hard to fathom...but "What if?"

Philanthropic Billionaires and the Water Play

After that call between my friend Dr. Organ and the Financier I was quite excited to say the least. It is kind of like a dream come true. Not only did the Financier sound serious but he liked the vision of non-profit trusts channeling water filter reorder revenues to Charities.

So then I read another article on what Oprah Winfrey is doing to help the water crisis in Africa and I realized there are some very wealthy Philanthropists getting involved in this water preservation movement. People like Sir Richard Branson and other members of the Ocean Elders Commitee are starting water initiatives all over the world now. Several Governments are passing laws (Malaysia has instigated the death penalty for people caught polluting the waters!) and of course Wall Street is saying water is now "The Ultimate Commodity". Do you see the advantages of starting a fund raising campaign to capture a slice of that trillion dollar pie for Charities?

Channeling Residual Revenues to people and Charities

OK - so how would it be possible to raise hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars from Puritii Water Filter Bottle revenues?

Most fund raising drives last a week or two and then revenue stops, however, getting residual donations by getting a percentage of every Puritii water filter (they last 2 months) sold is an ongoing stream of "donations" - 15% to be precise. There are some really good residual revenue fund raising programs out there. I was reading a label on one of Paul Newman's "Newman's Own" branded products and there was a little stamp saying "over $300 million donated". That's a lot of funding for a lot of good causes! Of course that was over many years but the program is obviously effective.  I envision the water project being even larger than this as the commodity we are talking about is one that virtually everyone on the planet needs - water.

Fund Raising Nostalgia

I worked over 8 years with a large Telecom Company that used the Network Marketing revenue distribution model and their billion-a-year revenue was distributed through the “tree” of network marketing representatives/Charities. We had many Charities receiving tens of thousands of residual donation dollars from over a million phone bills. It was a wonderful thing to see.  The ongoing residual donation stream/donations started from the efforts of a few supporters who start the project. As is usually the case in Network Marketing the network started small with a handful of people, and it grew from there.  We would start the project with a kickoff meeting with the  group of volunteers/supporters of the Charity and then send out a mailing to the entire support base encouraging supporters to change their phone service over to help the Charity. Of course now with webinars and the internet this can be done on a Global basis and building the network is much easier than ever before. Better yet, the product is not in the super competitive phone service arena (i.e. Skype is free) it is about providing pure drinking water that people need to survive - and it is a unique patented product.

Fund Raising  Case Study

One of the projects I worked on was with Special Olympics (see my case study page)  and they were able to fund several staff positions and help a lot of kids at the same time.The letter of reference they gave me to help on the project (notice the “Charities in Tandem” mentioned in there – and the date - told you I have had this vision a while!) really helped when speaking to people about joining the project. I even managed to find an old paycheck stub for Special Olympics they let me copy to help on the project. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it was several thousand dollars to help  kids with special needs.

Now, move the clock to 2013 and consider the possibility of building a network of residual revenues (aka donations) from perhaps the most important (air might actually be #1) commodity on the planet: water. Monthly residuals are much bigger than little $20 a month phone bills in a couple of countries…this time residuals can come from sympathetic members worldwide and include large Fortune 500 companies. My team is working on some huge bulk orders in the millions of dollars - think of the residual/donations that these types of orders will create.

Catch the Vision

OK - I am a tad optimistic but if you have read this far I think you might be too. I worked at 3 Fortune 500 companies and created/ran software that crunched numbers from billions in monthly revenues. There is a lot of money flying around out there and a little percentage is actually a large amount of money - enough to help a lot of people. For example, when I was at IBM I came really close to closing a contract where a $1 million-a-month phone bill would have been signed "under" The United Way - who would have gotten 10% or 100k a month residual - and help a lot of people! That's over a million a year residual from one account - and that does not include all the charities "above" them in the tree that would have  gotten a piece of that.  Are you getting the picture?

Smaller charities struggle to get funding support for so many noble causes, but using the "Charities in Tandem" model shown here they can ALL share when revenue flows up through the tree (a tree of people, companies, and non-profits). The company I work with now pays to unlimited levels (vs only 7 in the sample case study) so thousands of charities could benefit together ($50k a week cap but there is more revenue available from matching bonuses).  "What if" all those struggling charities were in the tree before a Fortune 500 company joined the project. So if the Fortune 500 company decided to do a disaster preparedness project and make sure their hundreds of thousands of employees have safe drinking water before the next earthquake or Tusnami or whatever (and you know they will happen), "what if" they bought these water filtration bottles for all of them? Or perhaps as a Christmas gift (we used to get them every year) or to help the traveling sales force save a fortune on bottled water costs? Or they wanted to help the "Green Initiative" and help their employees have perfect drinking water while eliminating a zillion pounds of plastic bottle waste that is flooding the planet?

Every "little charity" above them would benefit from that purchase, and better yet, from every bi-monthly filter reorder too.

I hope I haven't hurt your head with these numbers, but do the math on residual reveues/donations of 15% on 2 million Water filters every 2 months ($54.95 x 2 ,000,000 x 15%) - it is a nice number and can help a lot of people!

Then stack a few orders from Military forces in the world and maybe a Fortune 500 company or two that decides to join us in helping the world go Green (1 filter eliminates 378 plastic water bottles from polluting our planet). It would not only help the planet but it will help their Employees stay healthy and reduce exposure to the dangerous contaminants in bottled waters.

OK - I'm out of hand, I'll stop (LOL).

So if any of this makes sense to you and you, your favorite charity, or corporation would like to help on this Global fund raising project please contact us.

Getting started

1. Fill out the form on this site or get back to the Team Member that referred you here.

2. One of us will set an appointment where we can hold a webinar showing you how your non-profit or organziation can benefit.

3. We will get with your initial group of volunteers who want to start the project and have the first meeting.

4. Help with fund raising mailers or email campaigns etc. We have an online training system that shows you everything you need to monitor your fund raising results.

5. Celebrate your decision to help the world become a healthier more Eco-freindly place while increasing funding for your worthy efforts.

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